Monday, May 2, 2011

Camille On Air (See the show The Game to get the joke)

Hello Cuties!!!
I must first welcome all the new Khimar Cuties that follow my blog....welcome and I will try not to bore you to death.....
Second ...Obama got Osama.....Now all Muslim men out there named Osama can have their name back....

Now on with it....You know I really wish I was a master of languages!!! One thing that has been said about my character is that I am a magnet for foreign people.  I guess maybe that's how I ended up marrying a Moroccan.  Well I guess I have such a repore with other nationalities that I start looking like them!! I realize this this weekend when I was invited to my friends 30th birthday party (which was a blast) Upon my arrival my friends family who is of Pakistani decent greeted me warmly and then proceeded to speak Urdu to me.  My first thought was Huh? Then I thought to myself do I look Pakistani? (when I told one of my other friends she matter a factly asked "Did you have on a Teeka?" LOL) Then I thought maybe they never  knew my friend to have any other friend outside of her own race? Anyway I told them that I didn't understand I was like I speak English. Oh she says then tells me that my friend has not arrived yet.  So we sit and make small talk and her son approaches to give salaams and too starts speaking Urdu.  The mom says no she speaks English.

Well this happens to me everywhere!!! Walahi!!! The only race I have never been mistaken for out right is Caucasion.  I have been asked if I was "mixed" as they call it here in the US but never full blown white.  Every time I am in this situation I always wish I could speak the language so I could totally blend in!!!  Well anyway my Pakistani sista's sure can party!!! The food was great but Whoa spicy!!! My baby boy (age 4) had bright pink lips and said momma my lips are spicy!!! LOL Maybe one day I will post a picture and you can be the judge!!! 

Until next time stay Cute and Fabulous!!!

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  1. hehe I get mistaken for Syrian or Iranian constantly here in UAE. No one believes I'm a white girl :p I wish I could speak Arabic or Persian to mess with them sometimes tho haha