Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feeling Inspired

Hey Cuties!!!

ASA, I hope all are well!! As I have mentioned before I am an avid YouTube watcher and one youtuber that I am particularly fond of has a blog as well that I really like.  She is not Muslim so when watching I try to hijabify it in my mind.  But what I really like about her blog is the way she styles her clothes and photographs them as well.  Her blog is really nice and well put together.  It is www.DulceCandy.com.  WELL I came across a fabulous blog today that I must say has a lot of these same great qualities but guess what she is MUSLIM!!!! The sisters blog is www.hijab-on-point.blogspot.com And her hijab styles are on point too!! After reading her blog I really felt inspired to rework my closet and think about my wardrobe in a fresh new way!!! I found her checking out the loveHFW blog.   So if you don't know about these blogs please check them out!!!
Until next time.....

Ma Salaama,

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  1. Walaikum Salaam!
    Mash'Allah I love your blog! The background is soooo cute! :) Thanks for sharing some more hijab blogs, I love learning new ways to wrap my hijab and ideas of how to stay modestly fashionable! Thanks for following my blog too! :)