Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hey Followers I am so sorry for this poor excuse of a blog!!! I can not believe that the last time I posted was at Eid al Fitr and now it is time for Eid al Adha!!! My apologies!!! I haven't had much to blog about, I guess I have bloggers block.
Well, while going through Face Book I came across a post were the person commented that she was told that she was not a good Muslim. She confessed to struggling with salah, hijab, her ego, but still being very new to Islam.  Can I just say, that really upset me!!! What right does anyone have to judge the other!!! As a convert I know I always try to surround myself with other Muslims I think to be very good in hopes that I will learn something from them.  I have never had a positive experience with anyone who has tried to give me advice harshly.  I have however, received knowledge and guidance from sisters who really care about my deen and not just trying to point out all my flaws.  I hope whoever said that to her was a sheikh or some type of scholar who is without flaws.  You know a quote that I always try remember when I am about to get out my judgment stick is "We hate in other what we hate in ourselves". Remembering that helps me keep myself in check before I go on a hunt to put someone down to raise myself up.  We have to all remember to deal gently with each other and really look at our intentions as to how and why we want to correct someone. Sorry for the rant...typos...and any crazy all over the place thoughts ....see ya next time....

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