Monday, October 18, 2010

Face to Face

ASA Khimar Cuties,
I hope all of you are well and in good Emaan. I had a great weekend!!!! I traveled to New York City to visit my sister and enjoy a Spa Weekend!!!! I have to say the facial was not only relaxing but informative too!!!! I learned so much about my skin and how to care for it. I have had a terrible time with my skin ever since I had my second son 4 years ago!!!! Before it was smooth, glowing, and even toned, now its wrinkled, dull and filled with dark spots. I have to admit I don't know how to leave my acne alone, but today I am starting a new regime and hope to get beautiful results!!!! I bought the spa's cleanser and treatment products, but I think I will try Philosophy Miracle Worker. I read the reviews and they are pretty good. Of course I will check on YouTube as that is my go to sight for all my information. I know very sad!!! Insha'Allah I will get my beautiful skin back. I have still yet to do my fall shopping, I feel like I need a total overhaul. I need tops especially. And I want to try a different approach to my style. How many Muslimahs' out there are tired of the tee under the summer shirt or the cardigan over the maxi dress? I said at least let me try a suit jacket!!!! But I need everything from the unmentionables to coats!!! I have been experimenting with my hijab as well. Last week at my sons school, were I am an active volunteer we had Teeka Friday. So a couple of us wore teeka's with our hijabs. It was cute the older girls got a kick out of it as well!!! I want to get Amena's hijab bling too available from Pearl-Daisy. Check it out....

Well lovely ladies until next time.....

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