Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Perfect Imperfections

Hello Khimar Cuties!!!
As you all know I am an avid YouTube viewer, which recently just kicked me off so I had to rejoin.  What is up wit dat???? LOL Well anyway I came across this tag and since I do not post videos....(too scared : / ) I thought I would do the tag on my blog.  First I would like to say that a lot of YouTubers that I follow make a disclaimer at the beginning of their tag that they are not trying to be conceited or that they are not boosting about themselves because they have received comments about about how conceited they are and that they are bitches etc.  STOP!! JUST STOP!!! You do not have to put say anything.  Most of you who make this statement are gorgeous!!! Those that have something to say are jealous and probably know that they are not cute.  Why else would you feel the need to tear someone down unless you are trying to build yourself up??? It's YouTube...If you don't like someone you can click off of them!!! How easy is that....If you feel someone is a conceited bitch why are you watching???? Well anyway I digress.....On to the tag...

3 Things I don't like about myself....
1. My stomach....its big and flabby....need I say more
2. My use to be so nice, now I have adult acne, scars, and according to my facialist borderline roceasa.
3. My double chin...although thank Allah I can cover it with my Khimar!!! LOL

3 Things I like about myself
1.  I love my feet....I have cute feet
2.  My hair.....especially when I do it!! I have to say I do struggle with it since becoming Muslim and covering....but when its done WATCH OUT...I am a FOX!!!
3.  I have a great sense of humor and people tend to really like me.  I am really funny!!! And my spirit is bright.....or so I've been told.....don't want to sound like a conceited bitch!!! LOL

Well I hope you enjoy....

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  1. About your comment: If you don't like someone you can click off of them!!! While I agree you know there are many people who "enjoy a train wreck"! Some many folks just like to watch what they don't like so they can complain,IMO. Great blog keep it up!