Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting Frustrated!!!

ASA Cuties,
I have been using this skin regimen, that includes a fade cream, to try to get rid of the old acne scars on my face and I am getting so frustrated at the amount of time it is taking to get rid of these marks!!!  I am using prescription grade fade cream at that too!!! Where did my beautiful skin go? Grrr!!! Anyone have any suggestions as to how to get rid of discoloration on the skin?  I plan to travel to Morocco this summer and I want them to be gone by then!!! Well if anyone has any suggestions please do leave a comment....


  1. ....salaam :) i have a pretty similar problem...every time i get any spots and zits, i get scars too....i use bio oil...its a miracle in a bottle i takes some time to work but after a few months theres a differencee....x x

  2. I'm not sure your price range but La Mer's "The Concentrate" is supposed to be amazing for fading any scars!

  3. I'd say the best way is microdermabrasion... to have the procedure done in a clinic can be pricey but its worth it! It peels off a whole layer of scarring, apparently hurts but its majorily worth it. You can check out a kit to do it yourself, I know La Praire has one. Good luck!

  4. Thanks ladies for all of your comments...

    @ Farah Pop I have bio oil right on my vanity as we speak. Never thought about using it on my face!! Thanks for that...

    @ Amal I have had La Mer's cream before and found it to feel a little heavy for my face I ended up using it on my feet..LOL

    @ Mrs Handbag Addict...I had a chemical peel and microdermabrasion about 3weeks ago and the funny thing about that was that I did not peel or anything like that and my forehead that is always covered by my under scarf ended up getting what seemed to be a burn. I was completely baffled. I had it done by a renowned dermatologist who specializes in ethnic skin and was very careful with my skin afterwards, using SPF of 40. I thought maybe it was the combination of doing both at one time so I am thinking to give it another try with just the chemical peel...
    I will look into the La Praire. I also was told to try Laura Mercier daily moisturizer for skin discoloration and this vitamin tonic they have.

    I will let you ladies know how it goes and really appreciate the comments and suggestions.