Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Muslim Tag

1) Are you a convert or born Muslim? How about your parents?
I am a convert to Islam and the rest of my family are Christian.

2) What's your ethnicity and how did it relate to how you were raised?
I have a whole mix in my family from Italian, Indian, Caribbean and African

but I am African American....I get mistaken for a lot of different nationalities.

3) Where are you from, and if not the Middle East, have you been there? For how long and why?
I'm from America. I have only been as far East as Morocco.  My husband is from Morocco.

4) What's your favorite Arab/Middle Eastern dish?
Favorite dish from Morocco is Rafissa and Couscous and from the middle east I will say Chicken Shawrma?

5) What's the most interesting or funny Islam/Arab related saying you use day to day?
Probably Yella!!! When I first converted alot of my new friends would use Walahi for everything, which I found and still find funny...especially since they are American and and you never hear American say "I swear" that often

6) What's the most attractive and unattractive thing you find toward a Muslim or Arab man/woman?

Most attractive in a Muslim man is his  strong faith and fear of Allah (SWT),  how he treats his Mom, prays all his prayers, is truthful, patient, and loving towards his mate.
Most unattractive thing is the whole 4 wives thing.  I feel that most men do it for one reason only and that is a sorry excuse to disrupt yours and your 1st wives relationship just for a another "taste" of some other women!!!! Please don't even let me get started on this topic!!!  

7) Whats the thing you love most about Islam? What do you dislike the most?
I love the simplicity of the actual religion. What I  dislike most is all the focus on women.  No nailpolish, don't pluck your eyebrow, no high heels, no perfume, I mean really we should just be men then!!!!! Men should really try to control their own Nuffs and stop putting everything on women!!!!

8) What's the most interesting/embarrassing/funny thing in your house that's related to Islam or Arab culture, excluding the Quran?
I think the most interesting thing especially coming from a Christian American background is not having any pictures in the house.

9) Do you speak Arabic? If you do, then say something.
Shwaya. ;) La Bess, Behare Alhumdulilah

10) Name of all the Islamic Prophets you can remember at the top of your head. No Cheating!!
Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, Isa, Muhammad, Saleh, Lut, Hud, Dawud, Sulaimon, Ishaq, Yacub, Idriss, Yehyeh, Yusef....

I tag any sisters out there that would like to do this!!!! And I will add one bonus question:

11.  Did you change your name? Why or whynot? What was your previous name? Why did you choose the name you did? 

No I did not change my name legally, when I first converted some people told me I should choose a Muslim name and when I was pregnant I loved this name, but since I had all boys I decided to keep it for myself.  Only a few people call me Malek not including my husband. My name is Nicole. About 2 years ago I took my shahada again in Morocco since they actually document it(just in case for Hajj insha'Allah) And I had to choose a name then so I kept with Malek.....  

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