Saturday, November 12, 2011

All American Muslim

This is a new show airing Sunday November 13 at 10 PM on TLC network. (check your local listings for times) Will you be watching? I will definitely be watching, but one observation I notice so far is it seems to be mostly about Arab Muslim, which I really don't like.  I think all nationalities should be represented especially if the community is diverse.   I have never been to  Dearborn Michigan so I don't know what the majority of Muslims are, but I feel like every time I see a show about Muslims they are either about Indian or Pakistani Muslims or Arabs.  I just like seeing  a diverse mix so you can see what is really culture and what is Islam.  One thing I know for certain will happen in this show, is there will be criticism about how the people practice Islam  especially the women.  Well if you decide to watch leave a comment and let me know what you think.


  1. i totally agree! i haven't seen the show yet, but i wanna insha Allah see it eventually. i don't like how all the time the media always pictures muslims as only 2 races when its a world religion. i wish they would make a show that has some black, white, east asian, etc muslims, because that would also make it better for dawah. i used to live by dearborn and A LOT of the population is arab mainly from lebanon but the muslim community is pretty diverse. I think their idea of diversity is one arab woman with hijab and one without lol!

  2. LOL Anon. yeah diverse is one in hijab...I would like to see converts too!! But I am eager to see how each family pans out, and maybe by the end of the series TLC will look at casting other families.